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So You’re Thinking of Abortion

March 31st 2015

One of the greatest gifts to humanity is the capacity and opportunity to make our own decisions. Of course there are many factors affecting our choices, but at the end of the day, we have the power to choose. With any big decision, it is important that our choices do not stem from the popular opinions of the day or unconscious reactions to adverse circumstances. In all things, we have the power to assess our circumstances, take in all the necessary information, and make our decision.

At the Pregnancy Center of Bryan County, we interact daily with women who find themselves with unplanned pregnancies. These women are facing one of the biggest decisions of their lives: Should I keep the baby? Do I make an adoption plan? Or do I terminate my pregnancy? Unfortunately, many women are unaware of all their options and all the facts before they make this decision.

One in three women will have at least one abortion by the time she is 45. This reveals that abortion is truly the cultural norm. However, the decision for abortion is often made because women are not aware of their other options.  Anne Baker, who has counseled more than 25,000 women and is director of counseling at Hope Clinic in Granite City, Illinois, says many women spend so much time beating themselves up for getting pregnant that they don’t consider the full array of feelings they might have after the procedure. “Feeling rushed, or wanting to ‘get it over with,’ can be a cause for guilt or regret later,” she says. “It’s crucial to really think the issue through.”

If you are pregnant and thinking about getting an abortion, here are some helpful questions to help you start thinking through the issue.

  • Am I ready to become a parent?
  • Can I afford to have a child?
  • Can I afford to have an abortion?
  • Have I received abortion information?
  • What are my plans for family in the future?
  • Would I want to tell my future children that I have had an abortion?
  • Would I consider making an adoption plan for my child?
  • What is the difference between an open and closed adoption?
  • How do I feel about other women who have abortions?
  • When do I believe life begins? If you do believe a fetus is a human baby, this will heighten regret.
  • Can I handle the experience of the abortion procedure?
  • Is anyone pressuring me to have an abortion?
  • Would I be willing to tell a parent?
  • What are the physical and mental side effects to having an abortion?


Most importantly, remember you are not alone as you consider your options. The Pregnancy Center of Bryan County exists to empower and equip you to make a choice with which you can live.  We offer compassionate care and we don’t charge for the choice you make. We have met with hundreds of women in the Texoma Area since 2000. Always free and confidential, schedule an appointment with us today if you would like to discuss your options.